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Some guidance for the cunts who come here looking for cp. 1.) I hope you die an unimaginably painful death, very soon. 2.) There isn't any here, so you can now go away and kill yourself. Your existence is not required.

Efficient searching: some hints

Just sticking a word in the search bar will find all books with that word in the title, the description, the tags, the series, or the name of the author. In many cases, this finds way too many books. Here's how to get less, but hopefully better, results.

Boolean operators: and is implied whenever two or more words are entered, or will find either, not excludes whatever is to the right of it.

Quotation marks: use the exact phrase for searching.

title: search only for the (partial) word or phrase in the title. Examples: title:"public domain" or title:copyright title:reform.

author: search only for a specific author. Example: author:marx finds all authors whose name includes Marx, author:marx not author:karl finds all authors called Marx except Karl, author:"karl marx" does not find anyone called Karl A. Marx, whereas author:karl author:marx does.

You can use any combination of search modifiers together. Whilst not caring about case and diacriticals, the system is unforgiving of spelling variations: searching for zizek will find Žižek, but gray will not find grey.

You can find out about many more functions on the Calibre website at

This library is OPDS-compliant.